Author: Heck Yeah, Old Technology!

An abandoned gas station and its public facilities.

Near Thrall Road outside Ellensburg, WA.

Things you don’t see on new buildings: intricate letter logos.

Top: Sunset/Pacific Telephone & Telegraph (11th & Fawcett, 1901)
Bottom: Tacoma National Bank (10th & Pacific, 1920)

In the 1930s when Chichen Itza, which dates back to the 6th century, was being unearthed in the 1930s they discovered a pyramid inside of it. Researchers discovered a second pyramid inside last year via some high-tech tools, found below the first one, and indicates that near the center of the structure is a ramp and an altar.

Today’s funny: A postal clerk making a different kind of delivery, 2010.

When CD-R media first came out, it wasn’t 700mb / 80 minutes, and the top recording speed was 2x to 4x.


The Salina Daily Union, Kansas, November 13, 1914

Because oil lamps, a tub and washboard, and an icebox are so primative.

Galaxy Magazine is now on the Internet Archive:


1960s-70s candy machine, still in use, at The Feed Store in Seattle.

Your great-grandmother was a hottie back in the day. Early 1960s slide



November, 1961

What you see is about as good/bad as it got. Stag magazines like this 1961 title from Parliament always skated the line because they lived in fear of obscenity charges into the mid-1970s. They would tell the grittiest stories without swearwords, and illustrate the sexiest sex stories with minimal nudity (all busts and not much below the waist, black bars across the eyes).