Category: 1920s

Underwood #5 and a Smith (with brothers, without Corona) typewriter.

It was very sunny so I couldn’t see my cell’s screen well when I was shooting this, but here’s an awesome little cabinet seen at a yardsale.

I thought it was going to be a radio or even an icebox. I had to tell the lady that I’d gladly buy it if I had the money, a place to put it, and a decor where this would fit in. I believe she said it was from the 1920s or 1930s.

A guitar zither produced by Phonoharp (existed 1892-1928).


Susan on why she chose the toaster: “The Montgomery Ward toaster (circa 1920s) – A favorite artifact to me because it’s just got great mechanics. Both side walls unfold like a drawbridge, welcoming you (to put your bread down). With a turn of the handle, you retract both side walls and the toasting begins!”

You might want to look into hiring a hand model. 😉 Beautiful toaster doe.