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Galaxy Magazine is now on the Internet Archive:


Items from an antique shop in Washington. There was ANOTHER monkey cookie jar in another booth, along with a vintage oujia board.

Reblogging for the mercury glass mushrooms and 1950s ceramic pixies.

Today’s photo from Packwood, Labor Day: an RCA Victor tube AM radio. I don’t think the case is Bakelite but it would like to be if it ain’t.

Another very cute Zenith vacuum tube AM radio… just needs dusting.

“May I borrow your writing instrument?”

“Okay, I need it back when you’re done.”


The only thing I bought at the American Pickers-capable shed. It’s blow-mold plastic, as things were in the 1950s or 1960s, and still has good paint and one reindeer (the harness looks like it holds two but there’s only one rein, which slips off the reindeer’s face pretty easily). I’m just amused that Santa is carrying huge gifts (the color is in the plastic, not painted!) and huge holly sprigs… the red thing in back is a giant color-in-the-plastic candy cane. Santa looks a bit uncomfortable because he doesn’t have a seat in this sleigh, he’s got this plastic stilt going up his chimney, ho ho ho!

1950s baby buggy, without rubber bumpers. This awesome pram was gently used, came complete, and was $100 at the Saint Vincent de Paul – and I hope whomever wound up with it treats it just as well as the previous folks.

A couple of my old Royal typewriters, 1950’s and 60’s respectively.

Admin note: Dat red one? swoon!

More vacuum tube AM radios. I think the woodtone one may be transistor.

Colorful Zenith AM clock-radio, 1950s.