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When your portrait artist totally gets it wrong.

When you’re married to a ghost.

When you can’t show up for a family photo because you’re in the kitchen.

How To Keep Your Husband Happy, by Dr. William W. Orr, 1958.

Italian music to eat pizza by. Bellisima!

The Gaylords, “Let’s Have A Pizza Party”, 1958.

For some reason this reminds me of the ‘entry test’ for art schools; draw this character, send it to us, and we’ll send you course material. In this case: here is a box of parts, so assemble this television, and if the sucker works you’re in our school. And you will notice the test television is hyped, too.

Two Lawrence Welk records (7″ 45rpm with 4 and 8 songs) next to Berlin’s other hit “No More Words”. Yes, I did buy the Lennon Sisters record.

Today’s mental hygiene film from school: Be Your Own Traffic Policeman (1958). I’ve seen links that don’t work to the film in Google, and here is a snarky review of the film. IMDB’s description says:

In this classroom training film, children are told that although they
must obey all traffic and safety rules while on the street, they can’t
always count on adults being around to show them the right way to do it.
Therefore, in case they have to go out on the street by themselves,
they must act like their own “traffic policeman” and remember all the
safety rules.

The other day I posted a mariachi album from 1958 that was recorded in “Old Mexico”. When trying to look it up, there was another album that fit the same search criteria (similar title, same groups)… and blow me down, I found it yesterday. The Discogs listings don’t specify a year but it’s gotta be close. And now even more duty-free music for your cute little Mexican restaurant.

Lawrence Welk’s Little Band –  “Outer Space Santa”:


I found this 45rpm with 4 songs on it from 1958, and it isn’t on Discogs – a couple 2-song 45s containing half each of these tracks exist, though.
Lawrence Welk has writing credits on this song; “Janet, Brian, and Cubby” were regular performers on his show though:the only one I can name for certain is former Mouseketeer Cubby O’Brien.

I was trying to upload the MP3 I ripped but Tumblr keeps changing the screen to the song-search line after I’ve uploaded – and then the copy on YouTube can’t be embedded as a Video either. So you get a Link instead.

Because there exists a New Mexico which lacks musical romance.

And the question was posed by a viewer how much bronzer the models were wearing, implying neither of them were in or came from Old Mexico.

So if you owned a small Mexican restaurant but lacked a budget for music, you could spend a buck on this album and pay no royalties to ASCAP. Both Amazon and Discogs have a listing for this album from 1958.

Frankie and Tommy, a Frank Sinatra record where he sings with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. 1958


And now a word from Reddy Kilowatt about octopus outlets. 1958