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Not unused, no. I may have one disc that has been used, but somehow I haven’t come across that many negatives. Disc cameras, all the time, they were quite popular, but the disc negatives I see rarely.

First off, may I suggest you never take a quiz on Facebook that is created by Offbeat. Not just because they are unweildy long (but kindly say “Only 25 more questions to go!” when you’ve already answered at least that many) and each question takes nearly a minute to get through because of 3 steps per question, or the obvious of unrelenting ads, but because they insult your intelligence. The quiz above says “Only 1 out of 10 people can name these 60 tools” when it’s really closer to 9 since a hammer looks nothing like a hex wrench. [And what they called a hex wrench was actually a Torx set.]

But I digress. The reason I posted this is because the clipart used in the final boss screen is of everyone’s favorite building supervisor, Pat Harrington, Jr as Dwayne Schneider, on TV’s One Day At A Time (1975-1984). Excellent show until (IMHO) they jumped the shark and did a Cousin Oliver by bringing Glenn Scarpelli on in season 6 as the ‘cute kid’ to replace the departed/bit-part-now/rehabbing-or-not Mackenzie Phillips.

A 1980s tin from General Foods’ International Coffees line, the can in question being their best-selling product Cafe Francais. Yes, I’m well aware that properly in French there’s an acute accent and cedilla on those words, but GF didn’t use them on the label.

General Foods as a food maker itself no longer exists (it’s now part of Kraft) as of 1990 but the flavored coffees line still carries the General Foods International name.

And now a TV advertisement for this flavor from back then: “…Jean-Luc!!

So a couple days ago, a customer came in and he was wearing this hat (but in beige). I recognised it right off as a product premium for smoking Basic cigarettes in the 1980-1990s. He said that he found the hat in the back of his closet that day and couldn’t remember initially what the writing referred to.

-hi heckyeah, thought you might get a kick out of this.

You know me all too well. 🙂

I am not absolutely sure of the manufacture date, however since it’s StayFree and it makes reference to Modess pads, I’d say it’s late 1970s to early 1980s. (As for the Canadian Germicide Company Limited? LOL, such a name!)  When I was a little kid my mother had a late-60s to early-70s box of Modess pads in the vanity, which were hospital-issue it appeared, likely as an ‘aftermath’ thing when my little brother was born.

The alternative to a maxi-pad was a belted napkin. Yeah, do not want.

Micro Machines!
Still the coolest thing after all these years.

Those are pretty cool! I never had any Micro Machines, only Hot Wheels.

Excellent Halloween costume from the 1980s (I think), and I want to call attention to her seeking change for UNICEF [still happens!] instead of candy.

Old Polaroid I had lying around. Unsure of the year, but the camera itself is in mint condition.
It even has the original plastic film on the glossy bits to protect it from scratches and what-not.

(Almost) Never used? Good that you can get film for it again… 🙂

Garfield phone. You have a call? Big fat hairy deal.

Kodak Disc 3100 camera, produced 1984 to 1987.