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Record player/radio/8-track at a yardsale. Despite the brand being “ICP” I highly doubt the Insane Clown Posse had anything to do with this.

Totally out of place at this young couple’s yardsale, but the attention-getter.

Village People’s 1978 “Cruisin’“ album, when straight people didn’t know what cruising meant in the gay community (or that the band were gay). The 8-track has five songs, which is not considered an album but an extended play.

Everyone knows that one hit song from this album.


Some afternoon eight track repair…

If you have never seen inside an 8-track.

8-track of The Police “Outlandos d’Amour”, 1978.

Something I never expected to see: a plug-in 8-track head cleaner and demagnetizer. (The plastic piece in the middle goes over the front of the cassette to keep it free of dust.) I’d buy it if I had an 8-track player.