Category: antique

Things you don’t see on new buildings: intricate letter logos.

Top: Sunset/Pacific Telephone & Telegraph (11th & Fawcett, 1901)
Bottom: Tacoma National Bank (10th & Pacific, 1920)

Monarch kitchen stove, year uncertain but the company was founded in 1896.

Camera collection at the hobby hall at the Fair.

Another set of free encyclopedias that I left for others. 1911 edition.

Another from the Fair: someone’s milk bottle collection (each filled with styrofoam pellets).

A box of stereo photos, with a few standard prints among them. Didn’t buy.

Underwood #5 and a Smith (with brothers, without Corona) typewriter.

A display of lubricating oil cans at the Washington State Fair’s hobby hall.

Corona #3 folding typewriter. An amazing machine dating back to 1914.

Ridiculously nice wall advertising art, Spokane WA, 2006.