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When CD-R media first came out, it wasn’t 700mb / 80 minutes, and the top recording speed was 2x to 4x.

Remember dialup?
Remember the big shift to v.92 from v.90, or as US Robotics called it, x2?

Yes, I still have my US Robotics 56k Sportster external.

Another complete :CueCat peripheral in a Goodwill.

Explanation found previously. Like the last two times… Hiya, Plaid Dad!

It’s been 13 years since you last saw BonziBuddy. Do you miss him?

Or how about Peedy the Parrot, the other available buddy?  RIP 1999-2004

Atari 130XE 8-Bit computer and 1050 Floppy Disk Drive, both fully functional.

1985 and the last of the XE line before Atari went with the ST series and 16-bit machines.


DOOM in 3½” floppy disk form – 1993, id Software

Preview/promo material for the Apple //gs computer, 1986.



I keep finding SmartMedia cards at yardsales and thrifts lately. Above are 8mb, 16mb, and 64mb.

Speaking of memory cards, do you have a particular method of storing them? I have one that came with a plastic case, but the others I have don’t have ‘em. I’d like to keep them in a small box or case together.

hai beff! It used to be that I had a bunch of the plastic cases that came with the cards – some were omnipurpose with notches to hold SD, CF, and XD – but now generally speaking I have them loose in a drawer because I lack more cases. You’d think by now someone would offer multi-card holders similar to the ones for Nintendo DS games? I need storage pronto.


Okay, a search reveals they do; Pelican has cases expressly for CompactFlash and SecureData. I think it would be fine to keep them in an Altoids tin, or if there’s something similar that is a bit more resistant to magnetic fields (just in case) use that.


Alternately, Sucrets came in a tin that size as well as a little tiny one, the likes of which were also offered by several pill makers. You could keep 1-3 SD cards in one of those without a lot of rattling around, I’d love to whip one of these out with gigabytes of storage in it!


Y’know, I have a ‘Exploding Cigarette Loads’ tin from the 1970s that would be perfect for keeping 2-6 microSD cards in? They’re 2″ in diameter. Brilliant!


As for my larger memory cards (MemoryStick and SmartMedia and CompactFlash), you know me – I’d be putting a typewriter ribbon tin back into circulation. Plenty of room inside for those 😀


I keep finding SmartMedia cards at yardsales and thrifts lately. Above are 8mb, 16mb, and 64mb.

PC Novice, volume 2 issue 06 (June 1991)
Back by popular demand since you liked the previous post so much…

Answering the cover questions:

  • Operating System? MS- DOS 4.0 because only perverts use DR-DOS or PC-DOS.
  • Service?  You don’t know any 15 year old boys?
  • Flexibility?  There ain’t much so this is a moot point.
  • XT?  Because AT is soooo 1988.
  • Compatability?  With other PCs, sure; with Macs, not really.
  • How much RAM?  That’s a silly question, 16mb is all you’re gettin’ AT MOST, buster!
  • Parallel ports?  Standard, for you no charge, gotta run that printer somehow.
  • 40mb HD?  Do you really think you need that much?  RLLy?
  • 386SX?  You need all the SX you can get, so you might wanna wait for that 486/25.
  • Warranties?  Dude, you got a Packard Bell!
  • Software?  Nah, you don’t need that.