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November, 1961

What you see is about as good/bad as it got. Stag magazines like this 1961 title from Parliament always skated the line because they lived in fear of obscenity charges into the mid-1970s. They would tell the grittiest stories without swearwords, and illustrate the sexiest sex stories with minimal nudity (all busts and not much below the waist, black bars across the eyes).

That issue of Scientific American from December 1926.


1962 was the year that Playtex disposable sleeve nursing bottles hit the market, a product I’d wager nearly every one of you has either used yourself or used on someone else.


Native American appropriation & stereotypes in advertising culture:
1950 (sheets), 1962 (fencing, insurance), and 1920 (laxative).


Simpsons Illustrated magazine, issues 1 through 9, 1991-1993.

PC Novice, volume 2 issue 06 (June 1991)
Back by popular demand since you liked the previous post so much…

Answering the cover questions:

  • Operating System? MS- DOS 4.0 because only perverts use DR-DOS or PC-DOS.
  • Service?  You don’t know any 15 year old boys?
  • Flexibility?  There ain’t much so this is a moot point.
  • XT?  Because AT is soooo 1988.
  • Compatability?  With other PCs, sure; with Macs, not really.
  • How much RAM?  That’s a silly question, 16mb is all you’re gettin’ AT MOST, buster!
  • Parallel ports?  Standard, for you no charge, gotta run that printer somehow.
  • 40mb HD?  Do you really think you need that much?  RLLy?
  • 386SX?  You need all the SX you can get, so you might wanna wait for that 486/25.
  • Warranties?  Dude, you got a Packard Bell!
  • Software?  Nah, you don’t need that.

PC Novice, volume 2 issue 07 (July 1991)

60 pounds of 386 desktop verses 10 pounds of 286 notebook with 2mb RAM? Tough choice… Meanwhile, Miss Office Goddess In 1980s Glasses is warming my vacuum tubes.

I’ve got two turntables as a microphone…  1961

Sex sells, 1954 style. Pretty unclothed girls seal the deal.