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Your great-grandmother was a hottie back in the day. Early 1960s slide

Tour bus or cattle trailer? Probably both, depending upon the band. 1980s

Grandpa, why are you sitting on Mom’s high school portrait? 1985

Juvenile delinquent toilet-papering a car, 1969.

Pretty sure this is actually from a wedding reception, as you do.

Grandpa gave up. He realized he could not win against Grandma’s creamer collection so he might as well just mount more shelves and accept it.

Two weddings in purple: a 1973 ceremony and a 1969 after-reception haul.

Easter morning, May 1985, captured on a 35mm slide.

What caught my attention is the framed sheet music from the 1910s over the piano… center is “That Old Girl Of Mine” (1912) and to the left is “The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine” (1913). The title of the one at right isn’t visible at all.

Did I mention that I was in a thriftstore and found 4 carousels of slides?
I left 3 of them because they were well-documented to be scenery from around the United States, but the fourth contained about 30 random (1965-1994) family photos at the end of the scenery tour. I kept 26 slides, and the rest went to TinkerTopia for others’ enjoyment.

Two weeks ago I posted an inferior photo of this box of projection screens. Was back in that St. Vincent today and captured it better… Eight screens!

Sorry about the blur, but… A box of at least 6 projector screens (and two fluorescent light tubes) at St Vincent de Paul.