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An abandoned gas station and its public facilities.

Near Thrall Road outside Ellensburg, WA.

Things you don’t see on new buildings: intricate letter logos.

Top: Sunset/Pacific Telephone & Telegraph (11th & Fawcett, 1901)
Bottom: Tacoma National Bank (10th & Pacific, 1920)

When CD-R media first came out, it wasn’t 700mb / 80 minutes, and the top recording speed was 2x to 4x.


The Salina Daily Union, Kansas, November 13, 1914

Because oil lamps, a tub and washboard, and an icebox are so primative.

Galaxy Magazine is now on the Internet Archive:


1960s-70s candy machine, still in use, at The Feed Store in Seattle.

Your great-grandmother was a hottie back in the day. Early 1960s slide



November, 1961

What you see is about as good/bad as it got. Stag magazines like this 1961 title from Parliament always skated the line because they lived in fear of obscenity charges into the mid-1970s. They would tell the grittiest stories without swearwords, and illustrate the sexiest sex stories with minimal nudity (all busts and not much below the waist, black bars across the eyes).

Mickey Mouse, articulated at the hips/knees/shoulders/head, 2 5/8″ tall, does not appear to have Disney branding but has “CHINA” written across the coattails. Maker and year of manufacture unknown, have not been able to locate this in a Google search for info.

Not unused, no. I may have one disc that has been used, but somehow I haven’t come across that many negatives. Disc cameras, all the time, they were quite popular, but the disc negatives I see rarely.